Homeless Resource Center – Town Hall Meeting March 31, 2017
Community questions and input
If we were to end up with the shelter in South Salt Lake, as has been proposed, how could our city
mitigate the impacts? What concerns do you have that we need to address?

Community comments (in chronological order):
1. If property owners are bought out, what happens to the property? The buy‐out could become
“mission creep” where the county now owns even more land to put facilities like this here.
2. Need a fire station on the west side
3. What can we do with litigation? Can we argue the selection criteria? Or argue whether or not the
criteria were met?
4. Is this an opportunity to extract taxes for non‐taxable property in our city? Could such a rule apply
to all types of sites? (mayor comment: we will not raise SSL property taxes to pay for these impacts)
5. Can we make the County responsible for all calls for service?
6. How many beds will there be (short answer: 50 to 300 are stated in proposal)
7. Who is responsible for programming (something to train/help people and keep them busy)? A roof
and a bed is not enough.
8. There is a move to push people out of The Road Home long before a new shelter is built. What
happens? (short answer: goal is to have other shelters open before RH closes)
9. What assurances do we have that a shanty town would not be built around the shelter?
10. Does the county feel that a library is fair compensation for the impacts to neighbors? Does the
community feel it is fair compensation (audience answer: NO) (clarification: a county library project
was already in the works before this, and shouldn’t be tied to this, but is one example of the type of
facility they haven’t yet funded in SSL)
11. You can’t put a price tag on how this is harming lives
12. Can we block off access to the Jordan River Parkway? This is in everyone’ backyard.
13. Need to improve the crosswalk to access the bus on 3300 South with these added riders. It is a
dangerous crossing.
14. Our community has acted nothing like Draper. We have showed better character.
15. Would like to consider a class action lawsuit on lost property value
16. Would like a police hub in this neighborhood
17. West Valley should also be concerned (short answer: we have been talking and sharing concerns)
18. What will happen at the Riverfront development? Will developers go forward? (short answer:
developer plans to build 77 more homes)
19. Build a wall between the Riverfront homes/businesses and the shelter
20. The environment does not have a voice. It needs protection, too.
21. The bar on the corner must go
22. Mayor Wood should run for SL County mayor
23. A homeless shelter is scary to new homeowners
24. Did the committee consider the future elementary school site?
25. Have appreciated getting to the whole SSL community through this process. Recently bought a
home, but also happy to find he bought into a community.
26. Copperview Recreation center model should be looked at. We deserve something like this (health
clinic, contraception clinic, recreation program, summer childcare)
27. Can we request inmate litter cleanup?
28. Can Valley Mental Health be nearby to help? (short answer: it is down the street)
29. Can we get support for code enforcement of on‐street issues?
30. Have our legislators been supportive (short answer: Rep. Mark Wheatley is present tonight and
supports SSL)
31. Utah State Legislature has passed justice reform but have put no money toward implementing it
32. Don’t know how they are going to close The Road Home shelter. Just don’t know what will happen
33. Every piece of property by 1000 West will continue to fall as it has for years. Can we stop it?
34. Can we ensure the residents of shelter are not sex offenders?
35. An alarming number of people are already walking illegally through the property already
36. There are fires along the river already – very close to homes
37. If we get a fence, please make it look good
38. Do we all want to live in a fenced off community?
39. Can we get a neighborhood watch on the west side (short answer: yes)
40. We were promised a lot of things when Oxbow Jail was built that the County has not delivered on.
We don’t have a lot of faith in them.
41. It is not right that Ben McAdams got to make the decision and have a say. He moved the shelter out
of his backyard in Sugar House. Looks like a conflict of interest.
42. People say that homeless people need and use transit. But I don’t see them using it. How do they
pay for it?
43. Do we have any incentives for small businesses to help hire the homeless or formerly homeless?
44. Living next to Grace Mary Manor is horrifying. You can’t imagine the things I see. I cannot bring my
daughter to my home anymore – too scary.
45. So many vagrants and thieves on the Jordan River already
46. What else can we do to protest? They are doing this to us because we are lower income. Would
other cities just accept this? Do not give up the fight
47. As a woman, I will afraid for my safety being outdoors, walking dog, exercising near here.
48. Harmony Park has security and safety issues, too. People will be accessing the health clinic on Main
and destroy this park.
49. SSL should involve West Valley City at all levels and work together.
50. Consider a special taxing district for maintaining a homeless services and response calls. This is a
statewide funding issue, not just Salt Lake County.
51. County has no answers on the financing.
52. Need a restroom along the river so people stop throwing human waste into the river. And
dumpsters for other trash.
53. Wildlife has been impacted – deer, skunk, ducks. Homeless are cutting down the trees and
destroying habitat to make camps here.
54. Need stop signs where the 3 roads meet.
55. Help the homeless get healthy. The senior center hosts health programs – the older people getting
help should be encouraged to use this service.
56. Why is it our problem to give help to people who choose this lifestyle?
57. Small businesses that get victimized will fail and close. We have a lot of small business and they are
58. Mayor McAdams said he would rank the sites for the committee. But now he just recommended
one site. (short answer: the rules for the process changed mid‐stream)
59. Please continue this fight until the legislature makes it final. Don’t give up because the residents are
not going to give up. We will continue the fight.
60. Can we request open houses to learn what the shelter will look like and function like?
61. What is going to happen with the selling price point of the new homes built at Riverfront? The ones
built last year went for a lot.
62. Can lighting be added to the neighborhood and this property?
63. Got to the State and talk to them. Go over the County’s head. They don’t have the power anyway.
64. The real solution may be Medicaid Expansion and increased minimum wage.
65. Want to address issues of mental health.
66. Oxbow Jail destroyed this neighborhood. Turned it into a hotbed for sex crimes, drug crimes. There
are really bad people hanging out along the river. They are vandalizing and stealing from the
neighbors. People coming onto our properties.
67. James Madison Park will become like Pioneer Park
68. There is a vicious cycle with mental health treatment. People take medications while in treatment
facilities then go off them when they are released and end up back in a facility. Don’t know if this
can be fixed.
69. What else can we do?
70. Constantly finding bad people / homeless people in the west end of Fitts Park (300 East side where
apartments burned) (short answer: city has proposal to extend park west, working on funding)
71. What are our chances of fighting it on April 10th? What recourse do we have to keep fighting after
April 10th?
72. We only have 5 homes on 1000 West. We are screwed.
73. Would love to have a vibrant city, bike to work, jobs close by. Work in tech.
74. What is the solution with the Jordan River Parkway? Can we close it?
75. Can money be raised by the business community to fight this?
76. Don’t let people forget the politicians who are responsible for this
77. Homeless centers need a business plan before they open. Non‐profits and churches fail with
managing them because they don’t have a business plan. Has anyone talked to the expert at the
January Open House (short answer: we will get their contact and be in touch with them)
78. Who makes the referrals to this shelter?
79. See what Portland Oregon is doing with “pods” in people’s backyards
80. Need email addresses of legislators and Lieutenant Governor Cox
81. Move location to new State Prison Site – no residents there
82. Ask County for more funding for police
83. More resources needed to clear the camps off the river more frequently
84. Put employment close to or inside the center – like a computer business, so they don’t have to
travel everywhere. Have Workforce Services come to them. Have employers come to them to get
them recruited.
85. When construction starts, give preference to local businesses, suppliers and contractors.
86. Implement a curfew for the homeless
87. Instead of give them cash, give them a card for what they need (food stamps, transit pass), so they
have no cash to buy drugs
88. In Provo, they ticket people for giving money to the homeless
89. Take it back and make the river a positive thing – like San Antonio or the Ogden River Parkway (short
answer: See Blueprint Jordan River
90. Give us a recreation center